• Schölß/Zaes: Hinterland.

    Anna Schölß and Marcel Zaes, Winner Kunstschub 2014, Galerie Worb (CH)

    Series of audiovisual objects, named after towns in the Emmental Valley, 2015
    Serie audiovisueller Objekte, benannt nach Ortschaften im Emmental, 2015

    ’Hinterland.’ is a series of object-based, small-scale works. The physical shape of the objects is made up of various surfaces that have been silkprint-treated by Anna Schölß. For the silkprint screens, Schölß assembled a collection of motifs based on both a handmade color print of a vinyl record and the image of a microscope-enlarged vinyl record groove, which – due to the extreme enlargement – reminds of a landscape. Many of the objects concocted in this manner not only appear as visual shapes but also have been equipped with sound modules of various types by Marcel Zaes. The failing sound of a turntable needle that tries to read acrylic instead of vinyl is Zaes’ primary material. This noise is then retranslated to a fragile, soft viola quartet, recorded and then abstracted again. The ‘Hinterland.’ objects thus emit sparse, static sounds of their own. As a whole, the totality of the isolated objects forms an abstract landscape; a hinterland or an outback, underscoring prospects that exist apart from the center of attention.